The Foundation’s New Website

Everyone at the Donald A. Burns Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for 2019! The new site is driven by a reimagined design that focuses our visitors, as well as the many wonderful organizations the foundation supports.

The goal of the new website is to provide visitors with more information and resources on the foundation’s mission and work. Everyone can now learn about the activities of the foundation more easily through integrated social media buttons, a continuously updated news and announcements section, and an in-depth Who We Support page. There is also an improved user experience featuring: simplified menus, easier navigation, and a responsive layout for all devices.

The Who We Support page outlines the multiple local and national organizations that nurture and uphold the shared lifetime social objectives of Donald Burns. The foundation proudly supports local organizations like the Palm Beach Police Foundation and the Glades Academy Elementary School, as well as national organizations like the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute and the Humane Society. Mr. Burns is dedicated to supporting initiatives and organizations focused on education, families, equality, sustainability, arts, and communities. The page provides overviews of each organization and also allows visitors to easily navigate to their respective websites for even more information.

All of us at the foundation take great pride in our work and the communities we serve. The new website will enable us to expand our reach and help people better understand the impact of our mission. It is our hope that visitors enjoy the foundation’s new site and that it serves as a valuable resource moving forward.

Thank you for all of the loving support and here’s to a bright 2019 and beyond!