Donald Burns

Donald Burns is the founder and president of the foundation, which focuses on supporting various community-oriented causes, from LGBTQ+ support organizations to local preservation societies. Over the years, the foundation has contributed to a variety of organizations, including Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket, which provides uplifting programs for people facing life-threatening illness and their families, and God’s Love We Deliver, which brings custom-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves. Donald Burns has also donated significantly to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, an organization that supports LGBTQ+ candidates at all levels of government in an effort to champion equality and increase visibility.

Professionally, Donald Burns has decades of experience in the telecommunications sector, most recently serving as the chairman of the Board of Directors of magicJack VocalTec, a leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company. He previously served as president and chairman of the board of directors of YMax Corp., a media and communications firm.

Mr. Burns co-founded Telco Communications Group, and as president and CEO, led the company to become one of the largest long distance service providers in the U.S. Before launching Telco, Mr. Burns served in several executive leadership roles at Mid-Atlantic Telecom. He began his career at TX Communications.

Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Burns spends his free time on his luxury boat, the Motor Yacht Chasseur, which can comfortably accommodate 12 guests in opulent staterooms. He also owns the Razor House in La Jolla, California, a structure designed by Wallace E. Cunningham and hailed as a modern architectural marvel.


We work to enhance educational opportunities for children and their families with an emphasis on elementary school level students and those from communities or families that are economically disadvantaged.


Medical services and health care are critical to the viability of every community. The foundation supports meal delivery programs for those in need, family support services and other institutions that provide care for all community members.


We partner with LGBTQ+ support organizations to increase visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals, uphold equality and encourage diversity within our nation’s leadership.


The foundation facilitates gifts that support arts & humanities, cultural events and programs and other causes with a focus on Palm Beach-based organizations.

Important causes. Maximum impact.

The mission of the foundation is to enhance social causes and community viability at the local and national level. The foundation was formed to bolster the social objectives of its founder, Donald Burns, and support education, opportunity for individuals and families, equality, sustainability and more in Palm Beach and other communities around the nation.

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